Last week of our first production sprint

This week we further implemented our base mechanics to the point that our characters are mostly on point. Last week's level mechanics got tweaked and extended so that they're way more fun. We also added a new mechanic for the first stage in our level, a dangerous water spawner. The scene also transformed into a piece of art since we’ve also imported all our finished models into unity.

We’ve added the player jump-through and player fall-through props mechanic, which you can accomplish by just jumping up through the prop. To go down, you push the A button while holding your left thumb stick down. We’ve also implemented a dash move, which you can accomplish by pressing B.

Last week we got comments on our shader being too flat, so we’ve tweaked our shader further to what it looks like right now.

We’ve also implemented particles into our game, so when you get hit by a player you will see visual feedback. This immediately made it more fun to play, as you get a real sense of power and impact.

The main menu is fletched out. After implementation of the gamemanagers to add players it is serviceable.

Further implementation of the Game Manager to add players is needed, aswell as some syncing up to the game scene. All in all most work is done.


We’ve got a lot done this week on the art side as well this week. As you can see we’ve got all our characters modeled, textured, skinned and … implemented into unity.

Next to that we’ve implemented all our existing models into Unity and gave our programmer-artsy scene a complete makeover.

Next Sprint
Next sprint we will implement the remaining mechanics and remaining art as well as starting to tweak everything so everything plays as fun as possible. We will also implement everything around the game further, like character selection, give every menu a non-programmer look etc.

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Mar 29, 2018

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