Second week of production

Last week was a bit of a rough week, but this week everyone was back in prime condition. This means we got a lot done this week. We’ve added a lot of the base mechanics, implemented animations, modelled props, patched a lot of bugs from last week and so on.


We’ve added the cutting stage as well as the steam stage’s basic mechanics into the game and gave the washing stage a visual boost, with the models made by our artists. We’ve also stitched the stages together, so transitions are now possible.

Next to transitions we also detect in which stage you’re playing so we can set the other stage’s to not render and check for collisions with the player. This way you can like in Super Smash Bros kick your friends out of the stage and as a consequence kill them.

Double jumping is now a thing! For next week, we would like to implement the ability to jump through platforms from underneath. When spawning, you'll also get some invincibility frames, as long as you don’t move or attack. This will prevent players from being killed when respawning.

Lastly our shaderexpert tweaked his shader a bit more and as for one last bug, everything starts to come together nicely. He also added most of Miss Steak’s animations into the game with their corresponding attacks or movements.

Models/ Sprites

 Here are some of the props we made this week. Next to this we've also worked on a way to change all the colors of a sprite at once relative to one main color and our second character is coming along nicely. We also made another particle spritesheet, namely for the groundpound.


Next week

Next week is our last week of our first production sprint and it’s safe to say that we won’t get every task done that we planned in this sprint, but that’s because of the difficulty of estimating every task. We will try our best at implementing as much as we can, though. We also have sprint 3 waiting just around the corner and we knew we would miscalculate, so sprint 3 is mostly empty and we will transfer the remaining tasks over there.

The Food Fighters team!

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Mar 23, 2018

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