First week of production

This week was a bit rough, as most of our programmers were down with sickness, making it that the development of mechanics went quite slowly. Despite this minor setback, we feel that the game is still progressing nicely. We improved our overall movement ingame and made some more assets that are ready to be implemented.


Our movement system was originally physics-based, but this caused quite a few issues and bugs when actually playing. We decided to change this to a character controller and manually added rigid body controls. This way, we have a lot of control over the movement and can easily iterate over it. 

Demonstrative GIF showing the current state of our movement and the interaction with water. As you can see, the outline around the character also works well and a simple idle animation is seen here.

Refinements of the mechanics are in the works. Taking the advice into account, changes to the design have been made.

As seen in the GIF the knives now have a windup and have a realistic chance to slip underneath. This to give the player more survivability.


Since we now know exactly what style we want go for and have a solid art bible, we could really get to producing this week. We mainly made some environmental props for now.

We've also started working on our second character, Eggplant!

Next week

The coming week, hopefully our whole team will be in prime condition again, and we can finish more mechanics and get our first stage working fully. Coupled with this, we'll be making some more particles, assets and characters.

The Food Fighters team!

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Mar 16, 2018

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